Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi there! My name is Miss T, and I'm going into my very first year of teaching. When I landed my job as a Title 1 teacher for K-5, I was thrilled! I immediately started searching for tips and resources online. As a frequent Pinterest-user and blog-peruser, I knew I would find several resources for K-5 teachers...but I was surprised to find that there is a noticeable lack of online ideas for Title 1 teachers/literacy coaches.

Obviously, my first year will be busy and stressful, so who knows if this blog will be frequently promises! Even so, I figured it would be nice for other teachers like me to have a place to find ideas, share thoughts, and collaborate.

I look forward to the many adventures to come...and I hope to have several fabulous ideas to share as soon as things get rolling.

Much Love,
Miss T

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